2020 Letter from Honduras Well Projects

The below is an email that was sent to us from Honduras Well Projects with an update on where they used our funds, in conjunction with the donations from a local church (Heirs of Grace Church) to purchase equipment and drill wells in Central America.

We were excited and honored that your wells would be the first drilled under the partnership of Honduras Well Projects & Agua Viva Internacional.  As mentioned previously, I felt it fitting since you were the very first person to respond to our very first email announcing the launch of this ministry.  God is so good in the way He connects people to carry out His mission of serving others and leading them to seek Him.

In July of 2019 HWP visited the area of Sonaguera to discuss their water crisis.  We met with Francisco who was the water director to this area of 25,000 people.  He informed us just 5,000 people had access to water, but it came from the lake which was running dry.  Just 2″ of water would flow from the 10″ pipe that had rigged to carry water into the community.  

We could physically feel the burden Francisco was carrying as he relayed to us having person after person after person beg him for water.   He was a man beaten down, but had a heart of hope.  He said he KNEW the water was beneath the ground waiting.   He asked us for help.    

At that time, we didn’t even have all the equipment purchased.  But we laid hands on him and prayed.   Knowing that God was working.  Believing that water would be given to Sonaguera.

Francisco July 2019.jpg

In October, when Agua Viva was ready to start drilling, we knew Sonaguera had to be the first wells drilled.  Emilio visited and committed to have 8 wells drilled throughout the community.   And Lord knows they could use many many more!

Two of your wells are there, and one in very nearby Elixir.  
The first being located near the dump.  In this area, the people use the dump as a source of income.  Sorting through trash for recyclables, they can then have money for food.  

Recycle for Food.jpg
Day  2a.jpg
Day 3.jpg

The second well is at a health care facility! …

The third, in nearby Elixir, made me gasp when driller Dennis Miller sent photos.   The only water source was a 7′ shallow well, ground level, full of algae and debris.   

How beautiful to see the same girl Dennis came upon scooping water from the hole be able to pump the clean water from your well!

Girl at shallow well.jpg
close up of shallow well.jpg

We look forward to meeting you all in person someday when big, warm hugs can be exchanged.   Thank you for trusting us and for giving to those who can never pay you back.

-Honduras Well Projects